What are BB Club Kits?

BB Club Kits allow you to select your items for a bundle discount. You can select from a kit size of 15, 30, or 45 items. We know there are many sheet masks bundle deals available but we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind kit that you can mix and match with all of your favorite sheet masks, including any new ones you want to try. Instead of buying the same sheet masks in bulk just for a bundle deal, why not pick and choose all different ones, from all your favorite brands, mixed with all your favorite ingredients, so you can be versatile for your daily skin condition? 

Best for anyone new to sheet masks who wants to try out different items or ideal for our beloved #sheetmaskaddicts who love to customize their kit just the way they want it. And especially perfect for anyone who loves a great deal! Best of yet, if you simply do want a repeat on your favorite item, check out our BB Club Set ♡ Happy Hour.

What are BB Club Sets?

Unlike BB Club Kits, which allow you to select your items for a bundle discount, BB Club Sets are pre-selected, pre-discounted bundles curated by your friends at Bang Bang Club. 

The BB Club Set ♡ Happy Hour are popular items you can purchase in discounted sets of 3, 5, or 10. Best recommended for #sheetmaskaddicts who want to stock up on their favorites.

The BB Club Set ♡ Ultimate are discounted sets curated for special occasions, seasonal products, or specific skin benefits. These sets are recommended for anyone but may come in handy for those #borntobegivers who love to give practical gifts without sacrificing any of the fun. 

Where do you ship?

Currently we only ship to United States and Canada.

How much is shipping?

All BB Club Kits and any orders over $25 include free economy shipping within the US. Once shipped you can expect to receive your order within 3-8 business days depending on your location.

We also offer options for expedited shipping services, which you can select at checkout.

When does my order ship?

Orders currently ship within 2-3 days of your intial order. You will receive a shipment notification once your order has shipped.

Why sheet masks?

We are aiming to provide beauty items that are accessible and budget friendly. We believe sheet masks are great products that provide cost effective ways to experience spa-like treatment at your choice of setting (home, office, plane, etc.). However, we are a small but ambitous group of people and have future plans to expand our product lines based on our customers' feedback.

Why Korean beauty brands?

Korean beauty brands have proven over time that they provide top quality products at affordable price. Their wide range of innovative and trendy product designs makes them best fit our You Be You mantra, offering variety of choices in products. However, we are not limiting ourselves as suppliers of Korean beauty brands. We have future plans to expand into more markets aiming to provide good quality products to our customers.

If you have any other questions please reach out to us!

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